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Monday, February 22, 2010

Ujian bertulis,temuduga dan mock teaching biasiswa Tenaga Pengajar Muda UiTM Peringkat Sarjana/Ph.D Tahun 2010

Salam semua..panjangnya tajuk en3 kali ni.As usual,bila hati tidak tenang,tentunya saya akan mencoret sesuatu di en3 ini.Dari minggu lepas mmg dah berdebar2.Bila dapat surat panggilan dari my Faculty at UiTM.First,I think about my hubby,what is his opinion.Either he agree or not??Tapi dlm hati mmg nak sangat pergi coz this is my opportunity.Although the chances to get it is very hard but,the experience is very valuable for me.

Then,after discussion with my hubby,even he almost quiet but I know he agreed.So,I do some preparation for it.Just for writing exam I have no idea coz form my previous friends, they do not have this.. Basically I'm more focus on interview and mock teaching.

Then....just want to share about the interview day...Of course very nervous.For writing,really hard to start.(maklumlah dah lama tak buat esei).Sekejap faham lain,sekejap faham lain.Soalan berbeza dgn org sebelah.So,confirm x blh tiru.Tapi part saya mmg hard to think on that time.About financial,employability.Berbanding dgn rakan di sebelah.30 minutes,600 words.

Then,interview session.starting with mock teaching.pastu interview.Soalan yg disoal:

1.What's government role in Industrial Relation? (soalan yang relate dgn course yg saya present)
2.Why you want 2b a lecturer?
3.Sbb saya dah kawen n ade 3 kids,so for me the killer question is here.cmne dgn husband and my kids.
4.Uitm is all over Malaysia,jadi bagaimana kalau u kena tempat yang jauh.
5.Why you want 2b at UiTM?
6.Why u choose UIA for your masters.
7.Is it lecturer career burden u as a mom having 3 kids?
8.Do you still remember your lecturer at Malacca,why you like her?

Soalan2 tu xde pun psl current issue.My background pun panel x tanye because die mmg dah ade profile kite in application form kot.

But,this is my first time interview yg blh jwp semua soalan without saying I'm not ready,I don't know as my previous interview.Hu3.Even my english mmg cm javanese.Even the session is quite good,but I fell candidate yg lain mmg power2.coz,they are still younger, their mind still fresh, not like me yg dah lama tak speaking.

The best thing,I get many friends.Maklumlah as a fulltime housewife,mmg jarang jumpa org.So,at this time,sempat gak amik name,email n hp diaorang.

Good luck kepada semua yang pergi interview TPM.I know everybody praying to get this.Semuanya ketentuan Allah.If stated you will be a lecturer,mcm mana pun susah jalan yang kita lalui,kita akan jadi lecturer juga.So,apa pun kita bersyukur..

For the next interview for TPM candidate,be calm.Like one of my friend say "x payah nak susah2 pk".Coz, the question not really specific.If we are in calm,may be we can think professionally.Sometime,the easiest thing might be the killer thing during interview because we are always in blur situation.

Till then,bye


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  2. salam..tumpang tanyer..exam bertulis tu mmg essay je yer..questionaire ade sekali x?


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